Brivis is New Zealand’s leading gas ducted central heating solution and provides fast, efficient and reliable whole-home heating. Book your free home appraisal and you can come home to whole home warmth with Brivis.

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Note: These prices are indicative only! Each house is an individual design and installations vary due to the very different ways homes are built. This can effect the overall cost, thus each home will needs it's own individual quote.

Small House: 80 - 180m2   6-9 Grilles

Prices: $7000 - $10,000 3 - 4 Star Units
$9,500 - $11,000 6 Star Units

Large Homes: 180 - 280m2   11-15 Grilles

Prices: $11,000 - $14,000 3 - 4 Star Units
$13,500 - $15,500 6 Star Units

Zoning Options may add to price.

All prices include GST.

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    Natural Gas Line
    NG (Natural Gas) this is currently only available in the North Island and is the gas available through the gas mains from the street.
    LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), generally used where mains gas (NG) is not available or is impractical due to distance from main. In the South Island some areas have LPG piped in the gas mains.
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Here Are A Few Positive Responses From Our Satisfied Customers:

“We love our Brivis system and wouldn’t be without one. We are always amazed at how quickly our home warms up. Having experienced Brivis, my wife insisted that when we moved into our new house it must have Brivis installed before we moved in!”
Brian, Auckland
“Changed my outlook on winter”
“Summer all year round”
‘’Best money we have spent on the house”
“System has transformed my old, cold, damp Villa”
“I wish we had done this years ago”